Heartcore, 240 pages,  published by Paseka publishing in September 2023

What creates a romantic attachment? Is it just genetics, do our parents play a part or is it simply a magical uncontrollable process? What if every relationship you get into is an exact copy of the one that just ended? From childhood to puberty and adulthood, the author takes the reader on a wild intimate ride of her very own experience. But with love comes abuse, with love-making comes sexual violence and with relationships come break-ups. Exploring gender roles, growing up in the post-socialist 90s and ‘studying’ love and its psychological theories, the narrative lets no one off the hook.

This deeply personal memoir is not just a love confession, but also a confession of love to the medium of comics, as it throughout the book intricately uses mirroring panel compositions, giving the scene new and meta-textual meanings.